People touch a dolphin - level 3

People touch a dolphin - level 3

22-02-2016 07:00

A dolphin has died in Argentina after being manhandled by beachgoers.

This shocking footage shows holidaymakers at the Santa Teresita resort in Buenos Aires, circling the Franciscan dolphin and stroking and prodding the animal. The crowd pulled the animal from the water in order to take photos with it, seemingly unaware of the animal’s discomfort. Taking dolphins out of the water can lead to rapid dehydration and even death for the animal.

The Franciscan dolphin is one of the smallest and rarest breeds in the world. It's thought to be vulnerable to extinction with just 30,000 believed to be left in the wild.

After these images emerged, the Argentine Wildlife Foundation issued a warning to the public about the dolphins’ vulnerability in the hope that it will prevent similar incidents of this shocking kind.

Difficult words: manhandle (to pick something up roughly), circle (to go around something in a circle), stroke (to touch), prod (to poke, to touch with your finger), breed (a kind, a type), extinction (dying out), emerge (to come out to the public), issue (to publish), vulnerability (being vulnerable – hurt easily).


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