People wanted to see David Beckham - level 3

People wanted to see David Beckham - level 3

24-06-2013 06:00

Shoes, sandals and a pair of glasses, these are just some of the casualties left at a Shanghai university following a visit from David Beckham. The football legend was mobbed by at least 500 fans when he paid a visit to the local university’s football team leaving at least seven people injured in the stampede.

Students and fans climbed over vehicles and bleachers and risked cutting themselves on barbed wire fences to get a glimpse of their sporting hero as he made his way to a meeting with school authorities.

“I think that the main problem for the hosting organization might be that for us students we were all so enthusiastic when we saw him. For him, it might seem like a mess but I just feel that this is what we Chinese football fans call enthusiastic.”

Hopefully, that enthusiasm won’t dampen Beckham’s resolve to revive the image of Chinese football as a global soccer ambassador for the country following damaging match fixing scandals.

Interesting words: mob (make a crowd around somebody famous), bleachers (benches for watching football matches), barbed wire (wire with sharp points on it), glimpse (quick look), dampen (make less strong), resolve (strong determination), revive (make strong again).

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