Perfect sportscar for 10 000 dollars – level 3, A12

Perfect sportscar for 10 000 dollars – level 3, A12

03-09-2012 14:00

For petrolheads, this is about as good as it gets, the Lamborghini Reventon. It’s thought there are just 21in the world and they come with an eye-watering 1.6 million dollar price tag.

That’s way out of the reach of 28-year-old Wang Jian from Jiangsu province in China, but he hasn’t let that stop him. With just a little under 10,000 dollars, he’s created his own, and here it is in all its glory.

Of course, the 1.59 million dollar markdown has meant Wang has had to cut one or two little corners. The sleek carbon fibre exterior of the original is slightly more industrial iron sheeting.

And the mighty V-12 engine and meticulously engineered frame have been replaced with a somewhat agricultural engine from a Nissan van, and chassis from a Volkswagen. The interior too has suffered from cost cutting.

Nevertheless, this is actually a pretty good attempt from a man who started with nothing and did it all himself, and Wang has big plans to eventually start his own sportscar business, once he has the money to do it properly.

For the moment though, he is content with his Lambowolkswanghini which he mostly uses to shuttle fertilizer to his parents’ farm.

As authority say, he shouldn’t be driving it on the road.


Interesting words: petrolhead (person who likes cars), as good as it gets (the best possible thing), tag (piece of paper), way out of the reach (not possible to get), markdown (discount), sleek (attractive), carbon fibre (strong material), sheeting (material which covers a car), mighty (strong), meticulously (carefully and with detail), chassis (frame), content (happy), shuttle (transport), authority (local government).


This text is for Level 3. Please click here for Level 1 and Level 2.

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