Person in the air - level 3

Person in the air - level 3

27-06-2013 14:00

Just your average-looking commute. Or is it? As illusionist Dynamo is seen levitating off the side of a double-decker bus holding on with just the palm of his hand.

Wowing tourists around Westminster, the magician left onlookers spellbound with his latest illusion.

"I couldn't work out how he was doing it. It was really, really impressive."

"Unbelievable! Best thing I've ever seen."

"I don't know. It just blew my mind."

And he looked pretty unfazed by his own feat, just texting and taking photos as he hung out on the bus.

Interesting words: commute (travelling to work), spellbound (fascinated), unfazed (not confused or shocked), feat (impressive act).

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