Picture on a wall – level 3

Picture on a wall – level 3

14-06-2016 15:00

The appearance of a 14-foot mural on the side of a classroom would be met with disapproval in many schools. But not in Bristol's Bridge Farm Primary and certainly not when that mural is the work of one of Britain's most famous modern artists. This original Banksy was discovered by staff here early this morning, alongside a letter written by the secretive street artist himself.

In it, he thanked students for naming a house after him and invited children to add to his work, writing, "I'm sure the teachers won't mind". But they probably would and plans are already afoot to preserve and protect the piece.

"Well, we were going to paint over that over the summer holidays, so this will not be getting painted now, I’m afraid!"

The mural shows a child with a stick chasing a burning tyre and although its meaning will likely be picked apart by the art world, the most important critics were very impressed.

"I think it's amazing."

"Really creative."

A spokesperson for Banksy has confirmed the artwork is genuine and the piece is already proving to be an inspiration for the children of Bridge Farm Primary.

Difficult words: mural (painting on a wall), afoot (in the process of happening), pick apart (criticize), impress (make someone feel respect), genuine (actual), inspiration (something that makes people think or want to do things).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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