Pizza is not only from Italy - level 2

Pizza is not only from Italy - level 2

22-08-2011 9:00

So, you think that pizza comes from Italy? Well, you’re wrong. It is their national food but pizza comes from all over the world. The pizza bread comes from old Greeks, tomatoes (which MUST be there) come from America. Cheese is, of course, made everywhere.

But it was the Italian poor people who made and ate it in the streets. In about 1889, Queen Margherita saw it and wanted to eat pizza. She liked it very much and she took the cook from the street to her palace. He started making different kinds of pizza for her. He made a pizza with tomatoes, cheese and something green. It represented the colours of Italian flag: red, white and green. He named it Pizza Margherita. Today it’s still one of the most popular kinds of pizza. Italian immigrants brought pizza to other European countries and America.

Now pizza is a very successful business and you can find pizzerias all over the world. Of course, they are different: the Japanese like pizza with mayonnaise, in Mexico they have pizza with chilli, and in Slovakia they use a special type of cheese. Pizza can be vegetarian or with meat. You can put anything you like on it.

With this video you can make your pizza!

Written by Hana

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