Pizza man ate pizza - level 3

Pizza man ate pizza - level 3

04-06-2013 14:00

Caught red-handed, an unsuspecting delivery man picks toppings of a pizza, only to be captured on CCTV.

The hapless fast-food employee from St. Petersburg in Russia couldn't resist rummaging through his delivery bag in the short journey in the lift, pawing at the surface of the pizza before arriving at the right floor.

The hilariously off-putting video has since gone viral with his employers being forced to issue a statement saying, "We realize that it's so tasty even our couriers can't resist but all the same we've decided it's necessary to protect our clients from gluttonous staff."

As a result, they've promised that from now on all boxes will be sealed to curb the excesses of any more peckish pizza delivery men.

Interesting words: red-handed (when doing something wrong), unsuspecting (not knowing what was happening), hapless (unlucky), rummaging (search in a hurry), pawing, (pick up roughly) off-putting (unattractive), gluttonous (eating too much), curb (stop), excesses (harmful actions), peckish (slightly hungry).

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