Place for strong people - level 3

Place for strong people - level 3

23-07-2013 06:00

On the banks of the Dneiper River in Kiev, they take the term "pumping iron" almost literally. The open-air Kachalka gym has more than 200 weight-lifting machines fashioned from scrap metal, punching bags made from old tires, and free weights chained to the sandy ground.

The al-fresco fitness centre was founded in the 1970s by Ukrainian engineer Yuri Kook and it’s completely free.

Senior citizen Ivan Maklakov enjoys the gym every single day and has done for some quite time. He turned 86 last month.

Kook built his first machines from his own designs from scrap metal, parts of old ships and even Soviet WWII tanks scavenged from junk yards.

Since then, the gym has been maintained and run by enthusiasts, who add more self-made equipment every year.

Interesting words: pump iron (work out with weights), scrap metal (old metal), tyre (car's wheel), al-fresco (in the open air), found (establish), scavenge (take something which was thrown away), enthusiast (person who is very interested in something).

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