Plane crash kills Russian ice hockey team - level 1

Plane crash kills Russian ice hockey team - level 1

08-09-2011 8:00

A Russian plane went into the Volga River. It killed 43 people of the 45 people in the plane. The plane was travelling from the city of Yaroslavl to Minsk in Belarus. It was on fire soon after the start.

People in the plane were players of an ice hockey team, the Continental Hockey League. Its president Alexander Medvedev spoke to people at the match in the stadium. It was the first match of the season. People stopped the game after news of the tragedy.

“My friends today we had a big tragedy. On their way out of Yaroslavl for a match with Dinamo Minsk the plane with an ice hockey team went into the Volga River.”

Then people stopped the match. People didn’t speak one minute. People say that the plane had a problem after the start and hit an antenna near the airport. The country has a problem with planes and this tragedy is the second this year. 45 people were killed in a tragedy in June.

Written by Danny

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