Plane on fire - level 3

Plane on fire - level 3

14-09-2015 07:00

“Speedboat 227 heavy, we are evacuating the runway. We have a fire. Repeat, we are evacuating.”

The distressed call made by the captain of this plane as everyone on board had to evacuate to escape the flames. All 172 people on board a British Airways flight taxiing on the runway at Las Vegas Airport had to evacuate the plane on emergency slides.

Fourteen people on board the London-bound flight were taken to hospital. Most of them sustained minor injuries while sliding down the inflatable chutes. A U.S Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said the left engine of the Boeing 777200 caught fire before take-off. The plane was seen engulfed in flames and smoke.

In a statement, British Airways said, 'The aircraft experienced a technical issue as it was preparing to take off.’

The fire was later put out in a dangerous incident that thankfully wasn't a lot worse.

Difficult words: taxi (to drive slowly before taking off), -bound (going to the place), minor (small), chute (a slide), aviation (relating to aeroplanes), engulfed (surrounded by, covered in).


What do you think about this incident with this plane?

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