Plane’s engine is on fire - level 3

Plane’s engine is on fire - level 3

24-09-2014 07:00

A plane passenger has captured the terrifying moment when flames burst out of the plane's engine, shortly after takeoff from Barcelona airport.

The passenger was on board a Transaero flight heading towards a city in Russia, around 1100 miles (1770 km) east of Moscow, when she noticed the fire coming from the plane's wing.

She said the Boeing 767 began to shake immediately after takeoff and the plane was forced to turn around back to Barcelona airport and perform an emergency landing.

The flight crew was reported to have shut down the engine of the plane 30 seconds after the incident took place, and the plane spent over an hour in the air dumping fuel.

The plane made a safe landing at the Barcelona airport and passengers were able to carry on their journey to Russia on another flight the next day.

Difficult words: takeoff (when an air vehicle starts to fly), dump (to put something away AND to drop something).


Are you afraid of flying?

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