Polar bear has a camera - level 3

Polar bear has a camera - level 3

16-08-2013 14:00

A unique view is seen by a polar bear above and below the water during playtime at Oregon zoo. Tasul has a GoPro camera attached to her collar giving insight to how she sees her habitat. An accelerometer in the collar tracks Tasul's motions in 3 dimensions. Whenever she eats, swims or plays, it's captured. It works similar to how a phone knows when you turn it upside down.

This is all part of a research project in line with the US geological survey to try and find some answers as to how bears behave in the wild. The collars for them wouldn't be as chunky but would have a quick-release mechanism.

Tasul has got used to the collar and with a little encouragement;allows it to be easily attached. It's hoped the research will help find out more about polar bears and how they're reacting to their changing habitat as it is affected by climate change.

Difficult words: collar (belt around neck), habitat (place where she lives), track (capture), survey (research), chunky (big and heavy), encouragement (help), attached (put on).

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