Polar Bear in a Village – level 3

Polar Bear in a Village – level 3

20-09-2016 15:00

Polar bears aren't usually found in villages but a female one, who was just seven months old, strayed into a village on the northern border of Russia and the country's defence ministry had to come and help. Prior to their arrival, locals trapped the bear, which is the world's

largest carnivore, underneath a house.

A military aircraft travelled to the island in the Russian Arctic to rescue the polar bear before people took her to the Moscow Zoo. The cub had a long journey to get there – first she travelled by a helicopter to a town in Russia's Far East before going on a plane to the capital.

Polar bears are called white bears in Russia and they are native to the Arctic. People consider them a vulnerable species with changes to their habitat by climate change considered their biggest threat.

Difficult words: stray (move without knowing where you are going), prior (before), carnivore (an animal that feeds on other animals), cub (a young bear), vulnerable species (an animal kind which is in danger of dying out), habitat (an animal’s natural home), threat (a danger).

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