Police beat a woman in India – level 3

Police beat a woman in India – level 3

13-03-2013 06:00

A woman is beaten viciously by police with sticks after she complained she had been sexually harassed by a group of taxi drivers in India.

Harbinder Kaur was returning from a wedding in the country’s northern Punjab state when she claimed the man made sexual advances on her. But rather than hear her allegations, she claims officers beat her and her father who could be seen here, lying on the street. She later showed his wounds to reporters at the scene.

"While I was returning from a wedding, some taxi drivers harassed me. I told my father and brother about this. They went to speak to those taxi drivers who then attacked them with swords and iron rods. My father, brother and I went to the police but they refused to register a complaint. They didn't even ask me what had happened. They told my father, 'She is mad', and brutally beat me."

An investigation has now been launched into the alleged brutality, after it was filmed on a by stander’s mobile phone. The footage is yet another blow to a country that has been shaken to its core in recent months by a string of horrifying sex attacks on women that have shocked the world.

Interesting words: viciously (cruelly), harass (make someone’s life unpleasant), advance (attempt to start a sexual relationship with someone), allegation (statement that someone did something wrong), rod (metal stick), blow (hard hit), core (most important or central part of something), string (series).

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