Police caught a man - level 3

Police caught a man - level 3

20-05-2013 14:00

Andrew Moran was sunbathing by the pool as police crept up on him in the tourist region of Costa Blanca. This was the moment one of the Britain's most wanted criminals was arrested in his red swimming trunks.

The 31-year-old fugitive was caught after Spanish police raided a luxury villa in the resort town of Calpe. Moran was wanted in the UK for the armed robbery of the Royal Mail van carrying £25,000. He had initially escaped in dramatic fashion while on trial leaping from the dock and assaulting a security guard back in 2009. But this time he wasn't so lucky as the joint operation by British and Spanish police put an end to his four years on the run.

Interesting words: creep up (move slowly and quietly towards somebody and surprise him or her), fugitive (someone who runs from the police), raid (surprise attack), initially (at the beginning), the dock (place where a criminal stand in court), (assault (attack).

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