Police found a lot of money - level 3

Police found a lot of money - level 3

26-04-2013 06:00

Police in Peru released footage of a house raid which led to the seizure of 15 million dollars' worth of counterfeit US banknotes.

In one of the biggest counterfeit printing busts ever seen in the country, fake bills and equipment were discovered in the property, which led to the arrests of two people identified as Roberto Torres and Wilfredo Cobos.

Police said around one million fake euros were also found at the building in Lima with three of Cobos’s brothers thought to be awaiting the shipment in Spain, France and Italy in order to circulate them in Europe.

Authorities believe the fake money had been printed over a month and a half long period and that the operation had been running for more than a year, leading them to believe that millions had already found its way into circulation.

Interesting words: raid (attack), seizure (sudden taking), counterfeit (fake), bust (police operation), bill (banknote), shipment (goods sent by ship).

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