Police Kill a Man – level 3

Police Kill a Man – level 3

26-09-2016 07:00

A man was on his way home from community college when police shot him. Terence Crutcher did not have a weapon and he was cooperating with the officers. He died anyway.

The forty-year-old father-of-two’s car had broken down in the road. Police were responding to reports of an abandoned vehicle. Officers say that he was not listening to all of their commands, but video footage tells a different story.

After being tased and fatally shot, he died in hospital. Now, the African-American’s twin sister is demanding justice. She is requesting a peaceful protest and she wants her family’s voice to be heard.

The officer who fired the shot is now on paid leave pending an investigation.

Difficult words: community college (a college which offers higher education for people in the area), abandoned (not used, left somewhere), demand (want), pending (about to happen).

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