Police shoot a boy - level 3

Police shoot a boy - level 3

04-11-2013 14:00

The community of Santa Rosa in California is in shock after a thirteen-year-old boy was shot dead by police, carrying a replica gun. The area where it happened is out of bounds except for forensics to collect evidence, but events have already been pieced together.

The teenager id-ed by his father to local media had been sent home early from school. He had then decided to take a pellet gun to his friend’s but never turned up.

His father said he stepped outside his house, seeing police cars, he never thought it would be his son’s lifeless body on the ground.

A police report says two deputies had been on patrol, seen the teenager and repeatedly ordered him to drop the rifle. They then shot him several times.

This is the pellet gun police found. They’re often made to look like assault weapons. The death has prompted the community to ask questions and demand answers. One note left by a plastic gun which was also found, urged drug testing.

Even though he had been expelled from a previous school, according to friends and family, the teenager had a good sense of humour, enjoyed basketball, boxing and playing saxophone.

Difficult words:

replica (copy)

out of bounds (closed to public)

forensic (person who investigates crimes)

id (to identify somebody)

piece (put)

pellet gun (gun that cannot kill and is used as a toy)

turn up (arrive)

deputy (policeman)

rifle (long gun)

assault weapons (gun that kills)

prompt (make)

urge (strongly suggest)

expel (make leave).

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