Policeman hits a woman - level 3

Policeman hits a woman - level 3

18-03-2014 15:00

Dramatic CCTV footage has been released of a policeman repeatedly punching a suspected shoplifter in the face.

Sarah Reed was sitting in a chair in the back of a central London clothing shop when PC James Kiddie launched towards her, grabbing her hair and dragging her across the floor and then punching her three times in the head.

He can be seen leaning on her neck as he waits for back up to arrive.

Kiddie told the courts today that he went to search her bag, and she bit him on the finger and claimed she had the AIDS virus. He’s been dismissed from the Metropolitan Police and was found guilty of common assault.

Kiddie was spared jail but was sentenced to 150 hours of community service and told to pay £500 in prosecution costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Difficult words: CCTV footage (security camera video), shoplifter (somebody who steals things in a shop), PC (police constable), launch (move quickly and suddenly), claim (say something that may be true), dismiss (order to leave), common assault (attack), prosecution (legal proceedings against somebody), surcharge (additional charge).

Do you know any policeman?

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