Policeman is a hero - level 3

Policeman is a hero - level 3

30-09-2013 06:00

Surrounded by blood, bodies and gun-toting terrorists, a policeman bravely crawls towards a mother and her children frozen in fear.

This dramatic amateur footage was recorded on Saturday moments after a gang of armed Islamic terrorists stormed Westgate Shopping Mall in Kenya’s Nairobi and opened fire.

As the gunmen strode around the centre executing victims one by one, the mother and her children played dead, knowing it was only a matter of time until it was their turn to die.

But instead of their executioner, their savior came, crawling flat on the ground as the shouts of the terrorists are heard echoing around the mall.

At first he taps her on the shoulder, but she is too terrified to move. So he slides around the barrier to persuade her to go with him.

He then spends some time talking to the mother who appears rooted to the spot, too afraid to go anywhere.

As the children get up from the ground, one looks directly at the camera in tears.

Finally he manages to convince the mother to follow him and he leads them off, a child in his arms and the other in front, bravely using his own body as a human shield to protect them.

So far it is believed at least 57 people were killed in the attack. But what happened next to the four in this video is as yet unknown.

Difficult words: gun-toting (with guns), crawl (move with the body near the ground), armed (with guns), storm (attack), stride (walk), execute (kill), savior (person that saves somebody), echo (hear something again and again), rooted (stuck).

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