Policewoman lifts a car - level 3

Policewoman lifts a car - level 3

30-06-2015 07:00

Meet the New York meter maid with super-strength!

 “You gotta move the car!”

This hidden camera prank video made as an advert for a US e-commerce website has gone viral, thanks in no small part to the priceless reactions of shocked onlookers.

“I’m not moving. Take that ticket and shove it up your a**!”

“All right… I’m gonna give you some help, all right?”

“What the f***?!”

“Are you kidding me?!”

The video's director says the cab was emptied at the front and loaded with thousands of pounds of steel at the rear, making it easy for actress Jenni Ruiza to lift.

“Have a good day!”

Widely shared on social media, the advert was viewed by more than a million people in just over a week.

“It’s so easy! Give it a lift! There you go! Alright!”
“That was easy, right?”

Difficult words: meter maid (a female officer who issues parking tickets), gotta informal (have got to), prank (a practical joke), e-commerce (the activity of buying and selling on the Internet), viral (very popular), priceless (amazing), shove (push roughly), rear (back).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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