Politics in the USA – level 3

Politics in the USA – level 3

14-09-2016 07:00

Voting is a right many have fought and campaigned for, but in the extraordinary 2016 US presidential election, there has been a rather extraordinary turn of events: a campaign for people not to vote. One African American said that he is not voting until black lives matter and that he is telling people not to vote until their needs are met.

Not only are people unsatisfied with their representation, they also have dissatisfaction with the candidates. People say that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the most disliked candidates in history. People say that there are two horrible choices or that one of the poisons is slightly better.

A politics professor says that the candidates are widely different, and that is what makes this election interesting from the perspective of what is going to happen.

With just over two months to go until polling day, Clinton remains the front runner, but the race is close, within the margin of error and that might be enough to drive people down to vote.

Difficult words: extraordinary (very unusual), election (voting, choosing), one of the poisons is slightly better (neither choice is good), polling day (the day of an election), margin of error (a small amount which is allowed for a mistake) drive (encourage).

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