Pope and a boy - level 3

Pope and a boy - level 3

06-11-2013 14:00

This young boy stole the show in Saint Peter’s Square on Saturday when he climbed on stage to greet Pope Francis and stayed close by as the pontiff delivered his speech.

The scene, that took place while the Pope was meeting Catholic families from around the world, was captured by Vatican Television and photographers.

The Pope was listening to residents of the island of Lampedusa and migrants who had reached Italy by sea, when the child left the bench to the side of the stage where he had been seated with other children.

Pope Francis seemed amused as the boy refused to leave the centre-stage, despite several attempts by aides and security personnel.

At one point, the child even wrapped his arms around the Pope.

Later, when Francis stood up to deliver his speech, the young boy briefly sat on his seat.

Pope Francis often stops to greet crowds, kiss babies and bless the sick, so the chances are he wouldn’t have minded about this.

Difficult words:

pontiff (the Pope)

amused (thing that something is funny and smile)

refuse (to say no)

attempt (try)

aide (somebody who helps an important person)

briefly (for a moment).

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