Pope and Harley-Davidson - level 3

Pope and Harley-Davidson - level 3

21-06-2013 06:00

Pope Francis had an unusual fan base at his outdoor mass on Sunday and blessed crowds of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. The bikers were in Rome for a four-day event marking the 110th anniversary of the famous company and previously presented the Pope with a gift of two motorcycles and a leather jacket.

With their bikes parked just a short distance from St Peter's Square, the Harley-Davidson fans stood out from the crowds with their logo T-shirts, leather jackets and vests. The Pope arrived early, taking his time to tour around Square, greeting crowds and kissing babies. He didn’t swap his Popemobile for a Harley or his robes for a leather jacket, but he did make the sign of the cross to the bikers.

Interesting words: mass (church ceremony), biker (somebody who rides a motorcycle), swap (exchange), robes (clothes).

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