Pope has many fans in Brazil - level 3

Pope has many fans in Brazil - level 3

02-08-2013 06:00

He wears white, not black, isn't known for his all-night partying, and has probably never bitten a head off a bat. But the Pope was mobbed like a rock star on Tuesday on his first foreign trip since taking the job.

It was as if there was no royal baby when the Pope Francis arrived in Brazil to meet believers in Rio de Janeiro. Fans swarmed around his car taking pictures and calling his name, all desperate to get a glimpse of the man they call servant of the servants of God. But bodyguards were forced to step in as the crowds grew and the car was brought to an unexpected halt. And in the end he couldn't shake them, so it was time for a quick vehicle decoy swap into the not so subtle Popemobile. And like any other global superstar worth his salt, he even found time to kiss a baby. It was a performance that cemented his status as a global Pope star. He certainly knows how to belt out a hymn or two.

Difficult words: swarm (move), glimpse (quick look), step in (help), subtle (not visible).

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