Postcrossing - English level 2

Postcrossing - English level 2

14-09-2011 13:00

Do you remember the last time when you got a real postcard? We live in a modern world and we get a lot of SMS messages and e-mails every day. But there is an interesting idea. The name is Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is an online project where people send and get real postcards from all over the world. These people are called Postcrossers.

The word Postcrossing comes from two words: “postcard” and “crossing”. How does it work? You register your address on the website. At the beginning you can get up to 5 addresses. You send postcards to these addresses together with their numbers. You get a special number with every address. After some time people start getting your postcards. They write their numbers on the website. Now somebody gets your address and will send you a postcard. And the process continues like this. The funniest thing is that you never know what address you will get. You also don’t know who will get your address. It is a surprise.

The project is free, you only pay for postcards.

Now there are more than 242,000 people from 198 countries registered.

This video is a manual for Postcrossing.

Written by Hana

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