Prince Harry gets a kiss - level 3

Prince Harry gets a kiss - level 3

14-05-2015 07:00

He may have a new lady in his life, in the form of his new niece Princess Charlotte, but that hasn’t put the ladies off trying their luck with Prince Harry.

There was no stopping this cheeky fan in Australia, when the young royal greeted crowds gathered at Sydney Harbour. Wearing a tiara and declaring her wish to wed Harry, she planted a kiss on his cheek before going in for the kill. But Harry wasn’t having any of it. Victoria McRae, the lady in question, explained how the intimate moment unfolded.

“It’s the first time I’ve proposed, you know, you’ve got to put a gal out of her misery. Then he said, ‘could he think about it,’ and I said, well, ‘we have just can we just have a kiss?’ So he only let me kiss on him cheek. Then I went in for it, and the rest is history!”
Prince Harry has spent the past month in Australia as part of an exchange program with the Australian army. As his time in the country comes to an end, he met fans ahead of his trip to New Zealand.

“Good month in Australia. It’s been fantastic. It’s really nice to have a chance to speak to members of the public as opposed to being locked in in what you are.”

Captain Wales, as he’s known in the military, is expected to return to the UK within the month, where he’s due to meet his new niece. In March, he announced that he will leave the armed forces after a decade of service that included two tours of duty in Afghanistan. 

Difficult words: tiara (a small crown), declare (to tell), go in for the kill (to do something special), intimate (when people are very close together), put someone out of his/her misery (to give someone what he or she really wants), gal (girl), to go in for it (to do something special), to be locked in (to have to act a certain way), announced (to say something officially), tour of duty (when a soldier has to go overseas to do work for the military).


What do you think about the kiss?

What do you think about the kiss?

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