Protest in Argentina - level 3

Protest in Argentina - level 3

02-09-2013 14:00

Chaos on the streets of Argentina. Anti-capitalist demonstrators rioted in the Western province of Neuquen on Wednesday over a possible deal between Argentine energy firm YPF and American fuel giant Chevron. The one, they say, will not only increase pollution but put another chunk of local industry under US control.

"This is the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchener, the complicity of the governor of Neuquen, Jorge Sapag.This is the answer that they give to people who say no to pollution."

Some 5000 demonstrators took to the streets throwing stones and fire bombs. It prompted riot police to shoot tear gas and rubber bullets in a bid to disperse the marches.

But nevertheless, while the protests raged outside, politicians inside the legislature continued to wrangle over the proposed accord

Difficult words: riot (protest violently), chunk (big part of), disperse (make people go away), rage (continue violently), legislature (government building), wrangle (argue), accord (official agreement or treaty).

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