Protest in Calais – level 2

Protest in Calais – level 2

12-09-2016 15:00

Thousands of migrants moved to Calais, France. They are fleeing war and poverty in their countries, but the situation in Calais is now not good for the French residents or businesses.

Earlier this year, the government destoryed the southern half of the so-called jungle migrant camp. France’s Interior Minister said that the rest of the camp would be gone too, but he gave no date. People think that more than 7,000 migrants live in the northern half of the camp.

Some locals say that the government is not doing anything and they decided to protest. They drove in a big group of trucks, slowing the traffic down to a minimum, in the protest against the migrants.

Difficult words: flee (run away from a place or situation of danger), poverty (the situation of being poor – having no money), resident (a person who lives somewhere for a long time).

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