Protest in Calais – level 3

Protest in Calais – level 3

12-09-2016 15:00

Residents and businesses in Calais, France, have been hit hard by the thousands of migrants who descended on the region after fleeing war and poverty in their countries.

Earlier this year, authorities dismantled the southern half of Calais’ so-called jungle migrant camp. France’s Interior Minister said that the rest of the camp would be dismantled but a date is yet to be confirmed. People think that more than 7,000 migrants live in the remaining northern half of the camp.

Some locals say that the government is not doing anything and they decided to protest. A convoy of trucks slowed traffic to a crawl in the protest against the impact of the growing numbers of migrants in the French port.

Difficult words: descend on (make an unexpected visit), flee (run away from a place or situation of danger), dismantle (destroy something), crawl (a very slow movement), impact (an effect).

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