Protest in Hungary – level 3

03-11-2014 15:00

Thousands of Hungarians protested in Budapest for the second time in three days on Tuesday against a planned new tax on Internet data transfers.

People opposing the tax say the move would not only increase the tax burden but would also curb fundamental democratic rights and freedoms.

The rally on Sunday was organised by a Facebook group which has over 210,000 supporters.

Protesters reportedly numbering over 100,000 gathered in front of the Economy Ministry.

They held up their mobile phones, lighting up the square in front of the building.

It’s been reported some also went to the nearby headquarters of the ruling party and threw outdated computer parts at the building, breaking some windows.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, which has been widely accused of adopting anti-democratic policies, first unveiled the plans for the new tax late on Tuesday.

Protesters called on Orban to withdraw the plan to force Internet service providers to pay 700 Forints, the equivalent to $2.89, per individual subscriber and 5,000 Forints, the equivalent to $20.65, per business subscriber every month.

Initially, the tax was set to be 150 Forints per gigabyte of Internet traffic, but Orban’s ruling party said it would set a cap on the levy.

The government has said that it’s trying to reduce the country’s debt, but many Hungarians see it as an attempt to restrict their freedom.

Difficult words: curb (limit), fundamental (an important thing that other things are based on), rally (meeting of a lot of people), reportedly (according to what some people say), gather (meet in large numbers), headquarters (the main building or offices), outdated (old and not useful), accuse (to say that somebody is guilty of a crime), unveil (reveal), set a cap on (be the limit), levy (the tax), restrict (limit or decrease).



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