Protesters in Ukraine - level 3

Protesters in Ukraine - level 3

09-12-2013 06:00

First video emerges of the unrest in Ukraine. Crowds take to the street of the future direction their country wants to take. President Viktor Yanukovych making a dramatic U-turn away from a landmark trade deal with the EU. Years of careful preparation for closer ties with Europe suddenly abandoned in favor of re-bonding their former master, Russia.

The sharp decision bringing 350,000 people onto the streets of Kiev for an opposition-led rally. And then things turned ugly.

The crowds turn and run as riot police burst out from behind their cordon, literally kicking and beating their way through protesters. One man attacked by three separate officers, beaten continuously even when offering no resistance, holding his hands up to try and protect themselves from the raining blows. A man tries to film the scene only to have his camera smashed out of his hand. He protests until eventually one officer hits him with a rock.

Protesters undeterred started throwing rocks at police who sheltered behind their shields. One brave man stands between the two sides waving the country’s flag. A rock smashes the visor of one policeman. He turns away in agony.

Riot police biding their time until they break ranks to clear the street. Both sides briefly from the lines once more before police moved forward again. Behind their lines, officers gather blocks off the street. Protesters beaten into the ground but the blows and kicks continue even after that, police lashing out as frustrations boil over

Winning this particular battle through brute force, but the opposition determined this will not be the end of the issue.

Difficult words: unrest (political situation in which people protest), bond (join), rally (large public meeting), cordon (group of police blocking an area), undeterred (not giving up), visor (part of a helmet which protects your face), agony (very severe pain), biding (wait), rank (group of policemen), blow (powerful hit), lash out (strike out in defense or attack).

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