Queen has two birthdays - level 1

Queen has two birthdays - level 1

04-10-2011 13:00

Do you want to have two birthdays? The Queen has! Her birthday is in April. But she also has her official birthday every year.

This is a very old tradition. The weather in Britain is often bad. It rains a lot. King Edward VII was the first king with two birthdays. His birthday was in November. His official birthday was in summer. Some more kings had also two birthdays. Some of them did not have two birthdays. King George VI started this tradition again. His birthday was in December. His second birthday was on Saturday in June. His daughter Elizabeth II (the Queen) continues the tradition.

Today the official birthday is usually on the second Saturday in June.

In this video you can see the Queen on her birthday. She is 85 years old. The old woman with glasses in light blue dress is the Queen. The man next to her is her husband.

Written by Hana

Important words: official, tradition, weather, again.

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