Rapping teacher - level 3

Rapping teacher - level 3

25-03-2014 15:00

Now, wouldn’t it be totally amazing if all our teachers did this?

Yeah, this is actually happening. A rapping religious studies teacher has made his mark on his Chilean high school students with his unique hip-hop influenced teaching style.

After just a year at the Sabina High School, Hans Herrera has engaged his students using rap music. The 26-year-old teacher said it all started when his students discovered that he used to rap on city buses to earn a bit of extra cash.

The young teacher says he will bust a rhyme to reward his students and to bring the coursework to life.

So, it’s been a big hit at this school, but whether it will become a popular teaching method, we aren’t so sure!

Difficult words: make one’s mark (be popular), influenced (similar), bust a rhyme (to start rapping).

Can you rap?

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