Refugees in Germany - level 3

Refugees in Germany - level 3

02-09-2015 07:00

Germany expects the number of migrants it takes in to quadruple this year to 800,000.

And that has caused tensions.

Germany's interior minister has called for a crackdown on right wing militants and racists after a second night of scuffles outside a refugee centre in Dresden. Police used tear gas and pepper spray to break up right-wing radicals and far-left protestors on Sunday evening.

As Europe struggles with an influx of migrants fleeing war in countries such as Syria and Iraq, German politicians are worried about the financial and social effects on their country, which is currently the EU's biggest recipient of refugees.

Many politicians have warned about a rise in hostility towards foreigners. In the first half of the year alone, some 150 attacks, including arson, were recorded on refugee shelters.

Difficult words: quadruple (to become four times as big), tension (problem), crackdown (an action to stop a problem), scuffle (a fight), influx (an arrival of large numbers of people or things), flee (to escape), hostility (hostile – unfriendly behaviour), arson (the crime of setting something on fire), shelter (a safe place).


What do you think about this fighting?

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