Reporter in Iraq - level 3

Reporter in Iraq - level 3

21-08-2014 15:00

A Kurdish reporter has been filmed attempting to confront men purported to be members of the Islamic State, who he says took over the area on the other side of a bridge near Kirkuk.

TV correspondent Hunar Ahmad can be seen walking out into the middle of a bridge and asking the jihadists if they want to talk. The ISIS militants hold territory on the far side of the structure, while Kurdish Peshmerga forces control the near side.

Ahmad holds his microphone up in one hand and raises his other to show he’s not armed as he approaches the militants. Infamous black and white flags of IS are seen fluttering in the wind, as a heavy earthmoving loader dumps soil across the roadway. Rudaw is a Kurdish-language media outlet for speakers of the two dialects - Sorani and Kurmanji - in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran.

Difficult words: attempt (try), purported (probably), correspondent (reporter), militant (somebody who fights to change a political situation), infamous (well known for some bad quality), flutter (move), outlet (station).


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