Rhino is back - level 3

Rhino is back - level 3

15-10-2013 14:00

Back from the dead? Well sort of. It was once thought Sumatran rhinos were wiped out in eastern Borneo, but this camera trap footage shows that at least one has managed to survive. The World Wildlife Fund says the footage was captured in June and then August this year.

“I think the findings in Kalimantan and probably in other places in Sumatra have given us hope. So even though we are frustrated at the decreasing population and the critical condition the Sumatran rhinos are in, we now at least have something to hold on to. We have now intensified our studies in rhino ecology in order to start a serious conservation program that involves the government and local communities.”

In the wild, the Sumatran rhino once roamed across Southeast Asia but today, fewer than 300 are thought to exist. While a number of these animals are kept in zoos, they rarely breed in captivity.

Difficult words: sort (kind), wipe out (remove completely), roam (walk), breed (have babies), captivity (cage).

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