Robot and man in space - level 3

Robot and man in space - level 3

27-12-2013 06:00

Japan's first robot astronaut, Kirobo, has finally had a face-to-face meeting with a human colleague.

Japan aerospace exploration agency commander Koichi Wakata met Kirobo on December 6th. Kirobo told Wakata he had been looking forward to the meeting since August. Then the pair discussed zero gravity and Kirobo said he was already used to it.

The video was released today but filmed two weeks ago after Wakata arrived at the space station on November 7th. Kirobo the robot has been there since August 10th.

Kirobo would weigh one kilogram on Earth. He’s been conducting experiments in space through verbal orders from Wakata and by remote control from Earth. With Christmas approaching, Kirobo and Wakata said they were also looking forward to a visit from Santa. Kirobo said he wanted a toy rocket. The robot is scheduled to return to Earth in December next year.

Difficult words: conduct (organise and carry out), remote control (controlling equipment from a distance using radio or electronic signals), schedule (plan).

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