Robots play rock music - level 3

Robots play rock music - level 3

04-07-2013 14:00

Could this be the future of music? A trio of robot band members have taken to the stage in Tokyo to perform for a crowd of around a hundred people. The bionic guitarist, drummer and keyboard player were joined by pop group Amoyamo for the performance after just one rehearsal.

"As they were indeed robots, they managed to pull of the main performance completely spot on as well."

One of the professors from Tokyo University, who helped design the robots, has high hopes for them with plans to take the cyber band into space.

"I'd like to do this whether it's on the moon or on the north pole of Mars or even for instance on the moons of Saturn, such as the ice moon Europa. My end goal is to even leave the solar system and do this on a planet of another solar system."

The robots' debut concert lasted for around thirty minutes. Organisers say they're yet to get another gig in the diary.

Interesting words: bionic (robotic), rehearsal (practice), spot on (accurate).

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