Roller coaster in a house - level 3

Roller coaster in a house - level 3

09-12-2014 15:00

Could this be every adrenalin junkie's dream? A house with a roller coaster installed inside it!

Yep, it’s possible! A house in the Netherlands has had an indoor roller coaster built to show potential buyers around.

An estate agent released this video, which shows prospective owners on the bumpy tour around the property. In the clip, clients are invited to get into a wooden carriage before being taken on the brisk tour.

They are then met with announcements detailing features of the house as they pass them.

The video is a part of a new advertising campaign for Dutch Bank ABN Amro’s house promoter and has already been watched hundreds of thousands of times since its release on Sunday.

Difficult words: adrenalin junkie (a person who is addicted to feeling excited), estate agent (a person who sells houses), prospective (possible), brisk (quick), announcement (an act of giving information about something), feature (a quality of something), promoter (a person or a company who give information about something to people).


Pretty cool, isn't it?

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