Roma people and a little girl - level 3

Roma people and a little girl - level 3

28-10-2013 06:00

The Roma community of Farsala in Greece, where a mystery blonde girl was discovered, have been defending the couple who are accused of snatching the 4 year old.

The girl known as Maria was found after police raided the settlement. DNA tests prove she is not the couple’s child.

“Their children are crying all the time, they are crying over Maria, and their mother and their father, they are constantly crying.”

This Roma woman who has a blonde child says the couple are being unfairly stigmatised.

“The child was fine just there. Sure, she bought it. Children are bought for adoption if someone does not have children, that is what is done. This woman took the child to raise it. The mother who sold it, maybe she was poor, had problems and she wanted to give it to a good family.”

The couple denies they snatched the girl and say they took her under their care after her mother handed her to them shortly after giving birth. The discovery of Maria has prompted thousands of calls with leads from across the world as authorities try to track down her real mum and dad.

Difficult words: accuse (say that somebody did something wrong), snatch (steal), raid (surprising visit by police), constantly (always), stigmatise (make someone look bad), prompt (cause), track down (find).

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