Roof collapses in Canada - level 2, A12

Roof collapses in Canada - level 2, A12

26-06-2012 22:00

One person could be dead and 22 people are injured after a dramatic roof collapse at a mall in Canada.

There was chaos at the shopping centre north of Toronto on Saturday when the roof-top car park collapsed.

One girl said, “I heard a big boom and just call 911. Evacuate them all. Get everyone out.”

Pictures taken after show a large hole in the roof with several parked cars around it.

The building has not yet been made safe for emergency crews and rescue dogs to explore the building but there are fears that someone is still inside.

People have made a list of people who have been reported missing in the area but could not confirm how many were on the list.

Interesting words: mall, crew, confirm.

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