Rope skipping records – level 3

16-12-2015 07:00

He can move his legs faster than you can count and now this Chinese schoolboy has set two new world records in rope skipping.

Cen Xiaolin racked up an impressive 108 skips in 30 seconds and another 548 in three minutes. The primary school student was taking part in the first World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championships in Dubai.

The organisers said it was very hard to count the jumps manually at the side of the court, as it was all a bit of a blur. However, the result was finally confirmed after judges re-watched the feet in slow motion.

Students from Qi Sheng primary school won 27 gold medals from a total of 29 categories.

The eleven-year-old offered up his advice to anyone wishing to challenge his record – upon returning home to Hangzhou City, he told reporters the trick lies in swaying the rope very, very fast while keeping your upper body very steady.

The next World Championships are expected to take place in Sweden in July, so that’s plenty of time to get practicing – I think I’ll get my rope then!

Difficult words: rack up (to scorea  large number of points), inter-school (happening between two or more schools), manual (to by hand or in person), blur (something blurry – not clear, sharp).



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