Russian Medallists – level 3

Russian Medallists – level 3

29-08-2016 15:00

This is the smile of someone who's just been given a free BMW – those of the Russian Olympic team who won a medal in Rio were all awarded the swanky car. At the Kremlin, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev thanked the National Olympic team in a pretty generous way.

Some happy news for the team which has otherwise been blighted by doping scandals and the disqualification of the entire track and field team.

The Prime Minister said that no matter how some were trying, they didn't succeed in disrupting the Olympics for Russia. The team has proved to the entire world that the victories of our sport have nothing to do with doping or with some sin they try to label us with. Very convincing results were achieved with an honest and beautiful fight.

And that beautiful fight resulted in 100 medallists receiving the cars.

Despite only 285 of 387 Russian athletes being allowed to compete in the games, the team accumulated enough gold medals for them to finish in an impressive fourth place.

Difficult words: award (give), swanky (stylishly luxurious and expensive), blight (spoil, disrupt), track and field team (the team of athletes that run on a track and compete on a nearby field), sin (an immoral act), convincing (good), accumulate (collect), impressive (amazing).


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