Sad panda watches TV - level 3

Sad panda watches TV - level 3

23-04-2014 15:00

To most of us this panda named Sijia looks like your standard panda, chilling out and loving life, right?

Wrong. Sijia’s companion was sadly moved away from their zoo in China last week, and since then zookeepers have noticed her becoming depressed and not eating properly. So on Monday, worried staff at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park moved in some new company for the lonely panda: a new television!

Yes, Sijia now has her own flat screen TV to enjoy, after a swing and bars didn’t seem to cheer her up.

After staff played her video footage of her and her former companion, Sijia is now said to be much happier and comes out naturally to play on her swing.

Difficult words: chill out (relax), companion (friend), swing (seat on ropes for playing), cheer up (make happy).


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