San Fermin Festival – level 2

San Fermin Festival – level 2

12-07-2016 15:00

The Spanish San Fermin Festival attracts 1 million visitors a year. It includes daily bull runs in the morning and bullfights in the evening.

The festival divides people into those who enjoy it and those who think that it’s just animal cruelty. Animal rights activists covered themselves in fake blood in protest. They wore nothing but black underwear, bullhorns, and carrying red buckets reading, "Pamplona: Bloodbath for Bulls.”

An animal rights organisations organised the protest. The organisation wants to bring an end to the use of bulls in Spain's fiestas. They say that people kill or mistreat around 50 bulls every year.

Difficult words: divide (make into two groups), fiesta (a party), mistreat (treat badly).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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