Say hello to a new doll – level 3

02-12-2014 15:00

Cellulite? Stretch marks? Spots? Not normally words you would associate with dolls.

Meet Lammily, a new toy with the proportions of an average female body, available for sale after a crowdsourcing campaign.

The brown-haired figure has the proportions of what the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says is an average 19-year-old woman’s body.

You can also give her some real-life extras thanks to an unconventional sticker pack that comes with things like cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, acne, glasses, scars, dirt and grass stains, stitches, scrapes, scratches and stickers to make her blush.

And what do the real critics think?

“She’s so pretty!”

“I like her.”

“I like her!”

“So cool. It’s cool.”

”She looks like my sister.”

”She looks like my sister.”

”From the side, she really looks like her.”

”She kind of looks like my aunt Katie.”

”She’s not like other dolls. She isn’t, like, very thin.”

”She looks more like a person.”

”Her belly button looks realistic.”

”She looks like she’s just a regular girl.”

The doll’s creators say this is the first fashion doll made to promote realistic beauty standards.

This video released shows how Lammily would need to be airbrushed to look like Barbie.

Lammily came into being thanks to a crowd funding campaign that started in March 2014.

More than 13,000 backers pre-ordered over 19,000 dolls and manufacturing began.

And the company’s motto? “It’s time to get real and show that average is beautiful.”

Difficult words: cellulite (fat just below somebody’s skin), stretch marks (stripes on the skin which you get by giving birth or being overweight), spot (small spot on the skin which is not attractive; teenagers often have these spots), associate (to connect two things in your mind), proportion (size), crowdsourcing campaign (a campaign which is supported by many people on the Internet), unconventional (unusual), freckle (a small point of brown colour on the skin), stain (“dirt”), scrape (a small injury of the skin), blush (a reddening of the face usually on the cheeks), backer (person who backs – supports something), realistic (like an actual thing), regular (normal), being (become real),  manufacturing (creation).



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