Scary mirror - level 3

Scary mirror - level 3

06-10-2014 07:00

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the creepiest of them all?

That’s what late night Odeon goers were asking themselves on a dark Wednesday evening when Pepsi Max created its own Halloween prank. Visitors to the cinema in Bayswater bought more than they bargained for, as the toilet’s mirrors were transformed using facial-tracking technology.

As the unsuspecting targets washed their hands and checked themselves out in the mirrors, their reflection’s transformed into Halloween horrors.

The gruesome and hilarious faces included crazed-grinning clowns, vicious werewolves, and flesh-eating zombies. And luckily, most people soon got over their fear and confusion and had some fun with the new technology.

But, the stunt did prove too much for some people with one person leaving the toilets in rather a hurry.

Difficult words: creepy (making you feel fear), prank (a practical joke), to buy more than you bargain for (to get more than you expect), unsuspecting (not knowing something), gruesome (disgusting), hilarious (funny), vicious (cruel or violent), werewolf (a monster which is half man and half wolf), flesh (muscle/meat), stunt (something unusual).


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