Scientists meet a sperm whale - level 3

Scientists meet a sperm whale - level 3

23-04-2015 15:00

A heart-stopping and beautiful underwater show, as a sperm whale in the Gulf of Mexico surprises scientists. Six hundred metres below the surface, the huge whale appeared in front of the team's robotic submarine with their shock and delight also being caught on camera.

The mammals, which are endangered, are said to be both curious and intelligent with this particular one coming so close to their vessel that even the scars on its nose were visible.

The scientists, who were members of the exploration vessel E/V Nautilus, encountered the whale whilst conducting research off the coast of Mexico.

Difficult words: huge (very big), delight (pleasure, something nice), endangered (there are not many of them), vessel (ship), encounter (to meet), conduct (to organise and carry out), research (a planned, systematic study of something).


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