Scorpions in a restaurant - level 3

Scorpions in a restaurant - level 3

05-11-2013 06:00

Now, fancy being adventurous with your next meal? Well, how about chomping on a scorpion or a giant water bug? Well, both of those are on the menu at this restaurant in Paris.

Le Festin Nu is located in the heart of the city and is the first restaurant in Paris to incorporate insects onto its menu. Owner of the bar, Elie Daviron, is the creative mind behind these unusual plates.

“I’m the owner of the restaurant, and today what I’m offering is an experience, which in my opinion, belongs exactly to what a restaurant does. It’s pleasure above everything, some transgression, an ambience. I’m not saving the world, what I’m proposing is an experience.”

Yeah, I think we’ll stick to a double cheeseburger. While some might cringe at the idea of eating beetles garnished with pesto, Elie says it’s been a big hit with locals.

“The reaction has been very good. Even the more sceptical customers end up tasting it, everyone tries it, or almost. Those who are most afraid begin with the smallest insects and finally try the scorpions.”

So if the next time you’re in Paris, you fancy scoffing on some scorpions, then this is the place to go.

Difficult words:

chomp (chew)

incorporate (put)

transgression (doing something very unusual)

ambience (atmosphere)

cringe (feel uncomfortable)

garnish (decorate)

scoff (eat quickly).

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